Emergency Kit Video Guide

Thank you for your purchase of the First Secure Roadside Emergency Kit. The kit is packed with tools to help you out in almost any roadside emergency. To make sure you get best use of every tool, we've compiled some popular videos with step-by-step instructions.

...oh, and in case you haven't yet registered your car emergency kit with the LIFETIME WARRANTY, please CLICK HERE (then click "GET STARTED") to take care of that--should take about 30 secs.

Happy and Safe Travels!


Using Jumper Cables


Using the Tow Rope


Using the Tire Plug Kit


Using the Portable Tire Inflator


The above videos are not owned by nor affiliated with First Secure or Americonics, LLC. These are publicly listed videos that were compiled for the convenience of our customers. We cannot be held liable for any mal-outcome that may result from the use of the above videos.